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February 26, 2022

Mr. Keisuke NAKAO

Year 2022 - President

Ladies and Gentlemen, Good Afternoon and Maayong Hapon sa inyong Tanan. First of all, I would like to express my cordial gratitude to all the participant who attend our 16th General Membership Meeting today in spite of the busy schedules. And also, deep apology to hold this important event via Zoom again this year. Pandemic is almost over, but we are still not exit yet. Therefore, we don’t want to risk our participants to expose infection during travel and attend in venue. 

I’m Keisuke NAKAO, who given the task as President of Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Mindanao on 2022 which continues from 2021. I was given this function as president 6th time in this chamber and I made my best efforts since first time I assign this position last 2014 with so young age. However, with help of other organizations leaders and member, and of cause member of JCCM, to lead this organization as fair and open with guided general principals of establish. I’m very thankful to member for you continues trust to my performance and reassigning as President this year.

As of today, we are formed by 17 Japanese Regular Member, 4 Japanese Associate Member and 20 foreign Associate member total of 41 members. I’m happy that in spite of Pandemic, we gain new members.

We are happy to enjoy this month that finally went down new COVID case and occupancy rate of hospital bed after sudden surge of case from year end to January. With these results made lifting of several restrictions and health protocols such as RT-PCR test, Facility or Self-quarantine for domestic traveler. And also lifting mandatory facility quarantine and allowed Non-resident visa holder to enter from outside Philippines for business and tourism. These changes show us good direction to recover Japan-Philippine interaction and business relations.

We could not hold any of face-to-face activities as chamber on 2021. However, several valued online training and seminar was held with strong leadership of Japanese Chamber of Commerce in Philippines which most of our Japanese national members are benefitted from it. I would like to express our deepest application to JCCIPI and JCCICI. This new style of holding event especially seminar made our member to access easy to information since it online and can attend from their most convenient location and not spend time for traveling.

We experienced as new method as remote work and online meeting at early stage of pandemic. But now, it became common practice for business today. And stoppage of business transaction, activities are became limited impact already except industry who need to serve face-to-face as core business competence. I believe with current exiting stage of pandemic will support these industries to recover soon.

This is my personal opinion that Pandemic changed business cultures which remote online to handle the daily task on business. However, strongly reminded me that Business stand with Human as basic rule. 2 years of absent face-to-face transaction made relation with client to be less as stay only what stated on contract. Not face together the problem to solve as team. I believe company who set as strategy to gain back cloth communication and relation with client will enjoy advantage after world exit from pandemic.

We as chamber observe crossly the situation to hold event as hybrid style on 2022 which create opportunity to have connection via business card exchange on seminar and/or conference, Joint event with other organization include city organized floral offering to have reconnecting our relation as pre-pandemic. Key direction this year would be reconnecting of human relation which physically isolated by pandemic.

At last, once again thank you very much and I expect continues support from Japan Embassy in Philippines, Consul General Office of Japan in Davao, Local and National government offices, JCCIPI, JCCICI, Davao City Chamber of Commerce and all the foreign chamber who hold office in Davao to us and we continually perform good support to our members and upcoming investors to Mindanao

Thank you very much!

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