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包括的税制改正(TRAIN 1)が執行され、日系企業に限らず現地企業会員の皆様の周知、税務コンプライアンス遵守を目的としてセミナーを開催いたしました。BIR Region 12よりDEXTER L. NANG氏をはじめとする6名を講師としてお呼びし、RA10963およびTRAIN(下記参照)に関して質疑応答を含む内容でした。
















We held the Business Seminar aimed at understanding TRAIN Law and Tax Compliance for not only our Japanese corporate members but also local corporate members. We had Mr. Dexter L. Nang and 5 other officers from BIR Region 12 as speakers, and they lectured about RA10963 and TRAIN (detailed below) including a question and answer session.



1. Personal income taxes • New withholding tax table • Tax on professionals • Employees of ROHQs, RHQs, OBUs and petroleum contractors

2. Tax on transfer of shares

3. Documentary stamp taxes

4. Final tax on passive income

5. Estate and donor's tax

6. VAT exemption and zero-rating

7. Excise taxes

8. Compliance requirements based on latest BIR regulations and tax advisories

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